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மாநில சமச்சீர் வளர்ச்சி நிதி

State balance growth fund awareness meeting and welfare inputs and loan dispursement in 5 villages.

We focused district wise in Trichy we covered 29 villages.

In Pudhukkottai, we covered 22 villages, in ariyalur 15 villages and Perambalur, Tanjore and so on, Women empowerment also focused in these 5 cities.


To protect the natural environments,And to increase the needy and downtrodden peoples life development increasing power, and to join awareness organization.

To stop incresing of more BPL,Using Middle or upper NEIGHBOURHOOD COMMITTEE(NHC) system well for people development.

Help their essential needs to all common peoples who living in villages.To participate more development systems and organization.

NABARD Water shed channel formation works executaion